Through the in-car campaign, Denns achieved their brand awareness goals and generated incremental store visits of at least 5%.

10.2 M1



Incremental visits

1: Campaign duration: 10 weeks
2: 27% uplift through redemption of the offer in the Details Screen; 73% uplift awareness increase in a branded pin campaign over 10 weeks

About Denns Biomarkt

Denns Biomarkt is a German organic food store chain that was founded in 2003 and has stores in Germany and Austria. The stores offer a wide range of organic and natural food products, including fresh produce, dairy, meat, and packaged goods. The company is committed to providing healthy, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly food options, and places a strong emphasis on using local and seasonal ingredients.


Denns represents one of the largest organic supermarket chains in Germany with 330 stores. The company was looking for opportunities at new marketing channels to foster location awareness and brand visibility goals. Moreover, an exclusive breakfast promotion was launched to drive in-store sales.


In collaboration with 4screen, Denns ran an in-car marketing campaign that reached over 300,000 motorists.

The location-based content was displayed as a Branded Pin on the map with the In-Car Offer containing a promotional discount that resulted in a sharp increase in sales.

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